I love my work. This is why I am Freelancer

With more than 15 years of worldwide experience I understood that the purpose of my work is to make the visual message fascinating. Only this way I can bridge the distance between what my clients offer and what their customers want.

As I’ve been developing my skills as Copywriter, Graphic Designer and Creative Director in advertising and event industry, my passion for minimal but yet expressive visual messages has grown. Then I fell in love with typography. There is a pure beauty in words served for the eye. Now the freelance career’s freedom gives me the opportunity to be engaged with design specialties that I am passionate about.

But, the visual communication talks more than a thousand words that you hardly have time to explain… So, please enjoy my portfolio.

Mastered Skills

Logo Design 93%
Print Design 87%
Whatever* 79%

*It is easy to make skills’ bars with value around almost 100% but that’s not the point. ‘Never stop developing and learning’ is my believe, so forget about the bars. Only clients who know my skills through successful projects can make such endorsements. LinkedIn provides that chance.

Honours & Features

My creative projects are featured on many respectful platforms and are published in web galleries & print issues worldwide. They serve as example and inspiration for designers all over the world.

Behance Coin

Branding Served by Behance 
Typography Served by Behance 
Logo of the month on Logomoose 
Logos featured on Logomoose 
Hidden meaning inspiration 
8ight logo featured on Designshack 
Play logo featured on Logotreasure 
Cool logo featured on Logotreasure 
Double Vision logo featured on Logotreasure 
Brads logo featured on Logotreasure
Typography based logos inspiration 
Best Logo Design of the Week on Logoness 
Best Logo Design of the Week on Logoness 
Best Logo Design of the Week on Logoness 
Best Logo Design of the Week on Logoness 
Logo design inspiration 
Typo based logos inspiration 
20 Smart Logos Using Negative Space 
Hexamaze logo on Abduzeedo 
Features on Pixel Push 
Another logo inspiration 
8ight logo in negative space inspiration set 
Twine feature 

Curious to know more?

For Education & Past experience please visit my LinkedIn profile. And why not just get connected?

Some FAQs

How much do you charge?

The project’s cost will vary depending on how complex it is and how much time I will spend on it. Before providing a quote, I will need a brief with essentials. For some projects (like logo design) I will provide a relevant questionnaire but most of the requests need a tailor made solution. We can always discuss your wishes, ideas, concerns and make the deal upon your budget.

What is your preferred payment method?

Bank transfer, PayPal, whatever. I work after a 50% deposit in advance. The remaining balance should be received when project ends. After that I share all the great files.

What is the time needed?

Usually my turnaround time for project completion is 10-20 days, however nobody likes rush. Even you, right? The more time I have the better result you will get.

How can I reach you?

Email works best for me. I also respond to messages on my social networks. Online communication is quick and provides me with a record of our conversation, so I can come back to it anytime.